Top 3 Demand Side Platforms in 2021 – Ad management Software

A DSP or Demand Side Platforms are web server based software system allowing brands, agencies, app developers that buy advertising inventory. This is bought from publishers in order to manage multiple Ad Exchange and Data Exchange accounts through a single unified interface.

Programmatic marketing is a sub-part of marketing that is still new to the industry. The growth of programmatic marketing is considered to be the future of advertising and marketing. 

Here are the top 3 Demand Side Platforms popular in India- 


  • Facebook Ads Manager- Due to its close competition with Google back in 2016, Facebook cancelled its launch for a DSP called ‘Atlas’. Then came Facebook Ads Manager that now sells Instagram and its own inventory. Facebook is nearing the 2 billion mark and thus offers a huge degree of success for programmatic advertising. 
  • Amazon Advertising Program (AAP)- This is called the “dark horse” of Ad Tech. Amazon Advertising Platform helps see online shopping behaviour of millions of people in real-time. On the basis of that, precise campaigns aimed at relevant customers can be leveraged. 
  • DoubleClick by Google- This is one of the leading DSP platforms in India. It is an integrated ad-tech platform enabling advertisers to create, manage and grow high impacting campaigns. Users can now buy TV as spaces via the platform. 


If you are still looking for a DSP platform to choose for your advertising needs, research the sites before plunging in. Universal Mind media expertise in managing your Ad campaigns efficiently to increase your overall ROI.  If you would like to know more about Programmatic marketing and DSP’s, do get in touch with us.