What Is YouTube SEO? Everything You Need To know

We all know YouTube to be one of the most loved video streaming platforms in terms of entertainment. But do you know you could elevate your brand there as well? Read on to find out. 


YouTube can be one of the greatest platforms to promote your business to the target audience. One of the main reasons being that it is used by almost everyone. But not all videos get the best reach to the audience. Why? Because they skip the YouTube SEO bit. What is YouTube SEO? It is the optimization of your channel, playlists, description, metadata, and videos to reach out to the audience and attract new ones. 


Here are a few things you need to know to make the best of YouTube for your business:


  • Find the right keywords- You can either make use of paid keywords from tools or do it manually. UniversalMind Media makes use of various organic and paid keywords for the best of our clients. There are various tools for the paid keywords on the internet. 
  • Use keywords in the right place- Just like a blog, add your relevant keywords on the video title, the video description and video tags. 
  • Your competitors’ most popular video- You competitor also caters to the same audience base as yours. This gives you better chances to see the videos the audiences love. You could figure out the keywords optimised in the video and work accordingly. 
  • Low competitive keywords for new channels- Yes, it does sound absurd. But a new channel on YouTube should compete with other new growing channels. This is done to avoid a heavy keyword competition from already existing channels. Consistency is key!
  • Optimize your videos for Google search results- You can optimize your video for Google with keywords that already have a YouTube video result. Google ranks videos in its search for only certain keywords. This helps your video be on top of the page. 
  • Create videos that audience will love- Audience retention is a huge factor in YouTube. This basically means people love your videos enough to watch them till the end. When till happens, your chances for showing up on Search and Suggested Videos becomes higher. 
  • Encourage comments from the audience- In order to make the videos in your channel more interactive and popular among your audience, encourage them to comment. Asking people to leave comments isn’t enough. Make the content worth commenting upon. Make the content interactive.
  • Say your target keyword in the video- YouTube makes an automatic script of your video. As a result, your video will be noticed by YouTube SEO once you say the keyword. 
  • Promote your videos everywhere- One of the most common and effective ways to gain an audience is to promote your content in every platform. The more the viewers, the better. 
  • Optimize your channel’s page- You can start optimizing the page by making it look good. Also add the relevant keywords on the channel description. 


Optimizing your YouTube video isn’t as hard as it seems. It is a huge platform with about 2 billion users. So it is one of the best ideas for a brand to market themselves on the platform. UniversalMind Media helps you achieve your business targets in the online atmosphere at its best possible form.