The client

Billion Smiles is a Charitable Trust helping the underprivileged and uneducated children and adults to develop industrial skillsets which could eventually secure them a job and in turn, lead a respectful life without any destitute.

The Goals

  • To reach out and make more positive impacts
  • To raise donor count for this non-profit organization.
  • Increase organic traffic for competitive keywords
  • Reach a wider potential audience on social media platforms

The Challenge

Billion Smiles had a freshly created website but lacked in SEO. The social media pages were not developed properly. Moreover, the image designs and video quality lacked an appealing factor. As a result, they weren’t getting enough publicity and interaction from the target audience as compared to competitors.

The Methodology

After evaluating the site, our first priority was to optimize the site for SEO. We checked on proper on-page factors and off-page strategies (like building high-quality links) and used high volume and low competition keywords in the website. This helped increase organic traffic, which in turn, resulted in a significant increase in interaction. Social media platforms were developed keeping in mind that the client works for a social cause, hence the posts should be meaningful and incite the feeling of helpfulness in the minds of the target audience.

The Results

  1. Since Billion Smiles worked for a sensitive issue, the website helped to establish a subtle yet powerful image of our client's work.
  2. The website received 150 visits in the first month.
  3. The website worked as a medium to spread the message of their extraordinary social work and also as a portal for the potential donors and activists to communicate with us.